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Nearly 300 titles were produced under the Gay Men’s Press, GMP and Editions Aubrey Walter imprints. In the list that follows, which is chronological within each category, we’ve separated out the Gay Modern Classics series, which was mainly fiction but not entirely so. Several of the Scene Guides, as well as some other practical titles, went through successive updated editions, but they appear only once on the list.


Cracks in the Image (ed. Richard Dipple)

Alienation (Ian Everton)

A Sweet and Sour Romance  (Giovanni Vitacolonna)

The Milkman’s On His Way (David Rees)

That Other Realm of Freedom  (Barry Nonweiler)

The Estuary (David Rees)

Messer Rondo (Stephen Airey et al)

Mates (Tom Wakefield)

Who Lies Inside (Timothy Ireland)

Drifters (Tom Wakefield)

Almost One (Alex Hirst)

The Beat (Simon Payne)

The Firewalkers (Francis King)

The Discus Throwers (Tom Wakefield)

Stranger Than Love (Graeme Woolaston)

Something for Sergio (Rufus Gunn)

Easy Stages (Peter Robins)

The Singalong Tribe (Kent Ashford)

The Shelf (Kay Dick)

The Dark Pageant (Edward Lucie-Smith)

The Hunger (David Rees)

The Carnivorous Lamb (Augustin Gomez-Arcos)

The Man on the Rock (Francis King) 

Jack the Modernist (Robert Gluck)

The Blue Star (Robert Ferro)

Street Lavender (Chris Hunt)

Backtrack (Joseph Hansen)

Gaywyck (Vincent Virga)

Danny Hill (Francis King)

The Finishing Touch (Brigid Brophy)

Mignon (Chris Hunt)

Power and Magic (Daniel Kane)

My Dearest Holmes (Rohase Piercy)

The Pious Dance (Klaus Mann)

Uncle Stephen (Forrest Reid)

Death Scene (Jeremy Beadle)

The Novice (Timothy Ireland)

In a Shallow Grave (.James Purdy)

Puppies (John Valentine)

In Transit (Brigid Brophy)

The Retreat (Forrest Reid)

Thornapple (Chris Hunt)

Born of Man (Stephen Gray)

Billy’s Brother (Kenneth Martin)

Doing Business (Jeremy Beadle)

Memory Touches Memory (John Lee Weldon)

Unnatural Relations (Mike Seabrook)

Kingfisher Weather (Paul Binding)

Surprising Myself (Christopher Bram)

Terre Haute (Will Aitken)

Hold Tight (Christopher Bram)

The Front Runner (Patricia Nell Warren)

Ice, Wind and Fire (Mel Keegan)

N for Narcissus (Chris Hunt)

The Coward Does It With a Kiss  (Rohase Piercy)

The Naked Anarchist (Luis Fernandez)

Somewhere Like This (Pat Arrowsmith)

In Memory of Angel Clare  (Christopher Bram)

The Fancy Dancer (Patricia Nell Warren)

Conduct Unbecoming (Mike Seabrook)

When Jonathan Died (Tony Duvert)

Spiked (W. S. Gilbert)

Death’s Head (Mel Keegan)

Strange Brother (Blair Niles)

Breakfast in Bedlam (Kim Carlson)

More Like Minds (ed. Ben Goldstein)

Eighty-Sixed (David Feinberg)

A Time to Burn (Timothy Ireland)

Out of Bounds (Mike Seabrook)

Dancing on Tisha B’av (Lev Raphael)

Halfway Home (Paul Monette)

Gaveston (Chris Hunt)

A Sense of Loss (Martin Foreman)

Fragments that Remain (Steven Corbin)

The Colonist (Michael Schmidt)

Spontaneous Combustion (David Feinberg)

Almost History (Christopher Bram)

State of Independence (Robert Farrar)

Black Butterflies (John R. Gordon)

Equinox (Mel Keegan)

A Summer’s Exile (Andre Gould)

Fortunes of War (Mel Keegan)

Winter Eyes (Lev Raphael)

The Living One (Lewis Gannett)

The Bisley Boy (Chris Hunt)

The Butterfly’s Wing (Martin Foreman)

Northridge High Football Camp (S. Joseph Krol)

Storm Tide (Mel Keegan)

Loving Sander (Joseph Geraci)

Unholy Ghosts (Richard Zimler)

Young Men at War (Noel Currer-Biggs)

For a Lost Soldier (Rudi van Dantzig)

Full Circle (Mike Seabrook)

Duval’s Gold (Chris Hunt)

A Friendship of Convenience  (Rufus Gunn)

A Cage of Bones (Jeffrey Round)

Safe as Houses (Alex Jeffers)

Love Sucks (Ken Shakin)

Tokyo Vanilla (Thomas Boggs)

White Rose of Night (Mel Keegan)

Freeform (Jack Dickson)

Shiva and Arun (P. Parivaraj)

Bosnia Revelation (Avram Brankovic)

Colonies of the Heart (Jeremy Seabrook)

Feathers of Death (Simon Raven)

Nonstop Neurotic Cabaret  (Robert Rhodes)

Outcast (Stuart Thorogood)

The Honey and the Sting (Chris Hunt)

Skin Deep (John R. Gordon)

Does Joe Durva Still Exist? (Peter Szabo)

Real Men Ride Horses (Ken Shakin)

An East Wind Blowing (Mel Keegan)

Gay Modern Classics

Eustace Chisholm and the Works (James Purdy)

A Domestic Animal (Francis King)

Fellow Travellers (T. C. Worsley)

Corydon (André Gide)

In the Purely Pagan Sense (John Lehmann)

Narrow Rooms (James Purdy)

Edward Carpenter Selected Writings

Towards Democracy (Edward Carpenter)

I Am Elijah Thrush (James Purdy)

The Leather Boys (Gillian Freeman)

A Room in Chelsea Square (Michael Nelson)

The Wrong People (Robin Maugham)

Middle Ground (Ursula Zilinsky)

The World, The Flesh and Myself  (Michael Davidson)

Teleny (Oscar Wilde)

Despised and Rejected (A. T. Fitzroy)

Aubade (Kenneth Martin)

The Young and Evil (Charles Ford and Parker Tyler)

Alf (Bruno Vogel)


Two Gay Sweatshop Plays (Noel Greig and Drew Griffiths)

Poppies (Noel Greig)

Gay Verse

Not Love Alone (ed. Martin Humphries)

So Long Desired  (James Kirkup and John McRae)

Dreams and Speculations (Paul Binding and John Horder)

Three New York Poets

Tongues Untied (Dirg Aaab-Richards et al)

The Angel of Death (Mark Almond)

To Boys Unknown (E. E. Bradford)

Twentysomething (Dinyar Godrej et al)

Blue Boys (Philebus et al)

Salt and Honey (Steve Cranfield and Martin Humphries)

In the Dreamy Afternoon (John Gambril Nicholson)


Exotic Species (Kate Charlesworth)

Stanley and the Mask of Mystery   (David Shenton)


Jenny Lives With Eric and Martin  (Susanne Bösche)


Army of Lovers (Rosa von Praunheim)

Homosexuality and Liberation  (Mario Mieli)

Come Together (ed. Aubrey Walter)

Theories of Homosexuality (Martin Dannecker)

The Spiral Path (David Fernbach)

The Age Taboo (ed. Dan Tsang)

Homosexuality in Renaissance England (Alan Bray)

AIDS: Your Questions Answered (Richard Fisher) 

Lorca: The Gay Imagination (Paul Binding)

Men in Frocks (Kris Kirk)

Perverts in Paradise (Joao Trevisan)

Pink Plaque Guide to London (Michael Elliman and Frederick Roll)

Heterosexuality (ed. G. Hanscombe and M. Humphries)

Keep the River on Your Right (Tobias Schneebaum)

AIDS: A Guide to Survival (Peter Tatchell)

Living With HIV (Richie McMullen)

Because We’re Queers (Simon Shepherd)

Homosexuality, Which Homosexuality? (ed. M. van Kerkhof)

Conversations With My Elders (Boze Hadleigh)

How to Be a Happy Homosexual (Terry Sanderson)

Being Lesbian (Lorraine Trenchard)

Out of the Closets (Karla Jay and Allen Young)

The Love of the Samurai (T. Watanabe)

Male Rape (Richie McMullen)

Arena of Masculinity (Brian Pronger)

Trouble With the Law? (Caroline Gooding)

Europe in the Pink (Peter Tatchell)

What’s Wrong With My Willy? (Ray Hamble)

Mother Clap’s Molly House (Rictor Norton)

The Invisible Ghetto (ed. M. Krause and K. Berman)

The Queen’s Throat (Wayne Koestenbaum)

New Joy of Gay Sex (C. Silverstein and F. Picano)

Dares to Speak (ed. Joseph Geraci)

Byron and Greek Love (Louis Crompton)

E M Forster (Arthur Martland)

Memoir and Biography

The Men With the Pink Triangle (Heinz Heger)

Parallel Lives (Richard Burton)

The Erotic World of Peter de Rome

Flame: A Life on the Game

Teardrops on My Drum (Jack Robinson)

Jack and Jamie Go To War (Jack Robinson)

Our Three Selves (Michael Baker)

Some Boys (Michael Davidson)

Enchanted Boy (Richie McMullen)

Enchanted Youth (Richie McMullen)

I Should Have Been a Hornby Train (Pat Arrowsmith)

Serbian Diaries (Boris L. Davidovich)

A Good Start, Considering (Peter Ryde)

Scene Guides

London Scene (Lawrence Phillips)

Paris Scene (Lawrence Phillips)

LA Scene (Dale Reynolds)

Northern Scene (Mike Parker)

New York Scene (Gerard Raymond)

Berlin Scene (Jim Baker)

Thai Scene (Mike Notcutt)

Irish Scene (Mike Parker)

Italian Scene (Giovanni del Re)

Scottish Scene (Mike Parker)

Amsterdam Scene (Andrew P. Max)

Art and Photography

Tom Pilgrim’s Progress Among the Consequences of Christianity (Mario Dubsky)

Changing (Michael Leonard)

Photographing the Male (Ricardo Juan-Carlos and Phil Flasche)

Nudes and Flowers (David Hutter)

Paul Cadmus

New Orleans (George Dureau)

Phil Flasche: Male Photogrpaher

Philip Core Paintings

Taormina (Wilhelm von Gloeden)

Michael Leonard Paintings

Out in Art (ed. Nick Stanley)

Lifesaver (Peter James)

Hysterical Tears (Juan Davila)

Interiors (Cornelius McCarthy)

Hawaii (Douglas Simonson)

Lindsay Kemp and Company (Anno Wilms)

The Life and Work of Henry Scott Tuke (Emmanuel Cooper)

Journeys (Roberto Gonzalez Fernandez)

Arjun (Wolf Nikolas)

Athletic Model Guild (Robert Mizer)

Post-War Friends (Peter Samuelson)

Black Male / White Male (Rotimi Fani-Kayode)

Someone Special (Max India)

Machinations (Arthur Tress)

Tom of Finland

Private: The Erotic Art of Duncan Grant

Life Class: The Academic Male Nude (Stephen Boyd)

Chai and Friends (John Francis)

Adonis (ed. David Chapman)

L A Dreams (Greg Cloud)

Intimate Angel (Deni Ponty)

Textures (Warren Truitt)

Kouros (John Barrington)

Comfort of Dreams (Don Pasquella)

Touchline (Hywel Williams)

Sadao Hasegawa

Mountain Men (Don Chapman)

Esprit (Chris Gunton)

Love Bites (Della Grace)

Joie de Vivre (Yves Paradis)

Drawings of the Young Male (Keith Vaughan)

The Bear Cult (Chris Nelson)

Paintings: Luis Caballero

Younger Days (Ian David Baker)

Strip Show (Patrick Angus)

Photos: Michael Huhn

Days of Hope (Crawford Barton)

Theatrum Anatomicum (Jo Brunenberg)

Rodeo Pantheon (Delmas Howe)

From the Street (Many McCartin)

Undercurrents (Kevin Lee)

Jack Fritscher’s American Men

Muscle Art (Ray Lawrence)

Nubile Nostalgia (Steph Gorkii)

English Country Lad (David Butt)

Rainbow Nation (R. D. Riccoboni)

Encounters With the Nude Male (J. B. Harter)

Photos of My Friends (Geri Pozzar)

Camp Cove (Rod McRae)

Stripper (Mike@bodshotz)

Young and Hairy (David Butt)

Hollywood Nudes (Fred Kovert)

California Dreamtime (Denny Denfield)

Totems of Desire (Fehl Cannon)

Country Shoots (David Butt)

3-D Physiques (Denny Denfield)

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